Our Founder and How We Began

Annette Alicoate RinaldiHomeward Bound’s founder Annette Rinaldi Alicoate, RN, started taking care of patients at an early age. At age 18, just after completing high school, she began working as a nursing assistant while working her way through nursing school. After graduating and becoming a Registered Nurse, she worked for the oncology patient unit at Swedish Covenant Hospital.

Annette also provided home care to seniors and the physically challenged in her community of Sauganash. Just as her patient home care referral list began to grow, a group of nurse's aides got laid off from the hospital unit she was working on. Having extra home care jobs she could not accommodate, she decided to refer those jobs over to them. In doing so, Annette's entrepreneurial spirit was ignited! She began advertising in her local newspaper to form a larger group of community caregivers to accommodate everyone in need, and thus the history of Homeward Bound began!Annette and client

After several years of juggling positions as hospital staff nurse and home care business owner, Annette made the important decision to leave the hospital and give undivided attention to her rapidly growing home care company.

To this day, Annette, along with chief financial officer, Martine Alicoate Munoz (Annette's loving sister), remain actively involved in the day-to-day operations of Homeward Bound and vow to stay on for years to come. They see no reason to slow down now that their children are grown!


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