Do's & Don'ts When Hiring a Caregiver or Nanny

DON’T assume everyone is as honest as you are.

DO keep jewelry and any other valuables in a safe place.

DON’T leave cash, checks or credit cards lying around the home.

DO put them away in a secure place to eliminate any temptation.

DON’T hesitate to call someone if you feel something is unusual or you are uneasy with person providing your care.

DO contact a family member, the agency or a close friend immediately with any concerns.

DON’T become entirely dependent on the person providing your care. Keep in mind they are working for you (in addition to providing companionship). Unfortunately, not all caring and thoughtful gestures are genuine. Some intentions might be manipulative to gain control over you and your personal belongings.

DO keep in touch with family members, neighbors, social service agencies and the agency the person providing your care was placed by.

DON’T allow access to your checkbook or other private financial matters to the person providing your care.

DO use a relative, trusted friend or hire a financial institution for sensitive personal information. (This way you are never put in a vulnerable position).

DON’T assume the person providing your care has current automobile insurance coverage for their own auto.

DO get proof!

DON’T allow excessive use of your phone.

DO monitor your local and long distance phone bills each month. (CHECK YOUR BILL!)

Our do’s and don’ts have been put together over the past 30 years as a guideline from our management team. These tips are strictly our honest opinions and are not intended to imply the person providing your care is dishonest. With over 30 years of expertise, we believe these tips could help keep vulnerable persons out of harm's way. Please call your community elder abuse hotline if you suspect someone is being taken advantage of.

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